Saturday, October 07, 2006

reading, reading, and more reading

I am reading the book "The Preacher's Daughter," by Beverly Lewis and am enjoying it immensely. Ms. Lewis is a Christian writer who writes many books about the Amish. Her books are contemporary I believe. I started this about a week ago and am almost finished. I will go back to the library for more of her books when I'm done. Does anyone else enjoy her books? Any recommendations on other Christian writers you can give me. I love Janette Oke also, but have read quite a few of hers.

My wrist is healing well, but my hubby and kids are doing a lot of things for me so it frees up more time for reading. I am glad to have a little extra time for my favorite pastime, but eventually it will be back to business. I hope you all enjoy your day.


Looney Mom said...

Well that's good that you get to spend more time just reading. Take advantage.

Sandra said...

I love Janette Oke and Beverly Lewis, I actually just picked up The Englischer and The Brethren at the library, can't wait to read them :)

Glad you're enjoying the book :)


Barb said...

Glad you're wrist is healing so nicely and I'm really glad your family is helping you so much.

I haven't read Beverly Lewis but I've sure been hearing a lot about her lately so I need to find some of her books. My dad loves Janette Oke.

I'd recommend Francine Rivers of course since I'm knee deep in several of her books. I plan to get The Scarlet Thread next which I believe is a little more contemporary than her other books.

Glad to hear you have a little extra time to relax, heal and get some reading time in.

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I wish I could recommend something, but my mind is blank. It feels like forever since I've read a novel. Sigh.

Linda said...

I truly wish I could be there for cake in Hawaii!! It's one of my dreams to visit there some day.
As far as writers, I was going to recommend Francine Rivers, but I see you already got that recommendation! I also like a mystery writer named Earlene Fowler. She writes mysteries with quilt names for titles (ex. Irish Chain). She is in the "mainstream" section, but I know she is a Christian. I love mysteries and thoroughly enjoy her books.

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