Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Prayer needed and praise offered

Please pray for my grandaughter Kai'lie who has to go to the cardiologist tomorrow. She seems to have a heart murmur which in itself is of little concern to her doctor, but the fact that she pants and also that in her dad's family there are heart problems, they are concerned enough to let the cardiologist check her heart. I know all of you guys know how the power of prayer works, as we have most recently witnessed with Sandra's mother in law. Please also pray that Sandra's MIL stays on the road to recovery.

I also wanted to mention I would like to offer a praise offering to the Lord for Dawn and Donnell's daughter, who swallowed some magnets today, but do to her mom's quick thinking, she had surgery and is now doing fine.

Thank you to all of my friend's in blogland for supporting everyone with prayer. It really seems to be making a difference for a lot of people. God is Good, All the time.


Sandra said...

I said a prayer for the little one and will continue to do so. Please let us know what the doctors say ok???

Thank you for mentioning my MIL and for continuing to pray, it means a lot to me :)

Isn't it amazing how prayer has been working across blogland??? What a wonderful God we have :)

Have a beautiful day Chris, hope your wrist is doing better.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Positive thoughts coming your way!



Barb said...

Sandra's news about her mother-in-law was wonderful. And her positive attitude was even more wonderful. I'll say a prayer for your little granddaughter's heart. I know things like that scare you half to death.

And the whole thing with the magnets made me pause. How awful surgery had to involved.

Pamela said...

Am more than happy to say a little prayer for your grandaughter, Kai'lie, the power of prayer is a wonderful thing. I had a heart murmur that healed on it's own. Maybe she will be so blessed. :)

Linda said...

I will certainly pray for her. It is a comfort to know that others are praying. We know that God hears and answers prayer.

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