Thursday, October 19, 2006

Am I the only one on this planet

who picks up a book, the whole world seems to love, and basically can't stand it. For my sister's book club the ladies chose a book called The Thirteenth Tale. Everyone seemed so excited to read it. The reviews at Amazon are mostly 4 or 5 stars. My hubby ran out and got the book for me, like I need another book, and I started it as few days later. I got to page 38 and really it didn't get my attention. Now I am on page 67 and I'm still not loving it. What would you ladies do? Keep reading in hopes the book gets better, or quit and pick up something y0u know you'll actually enjoy? I don't know why I don't like this book, it could be her style of writing, or the fact that the book seems so predictable, or whatever. All I know is so far not so good.


Linda said...

Hi Christina,
I used to try to read the whole book no matter what. Now I feel like I just don't want to waste time reading something I don't like. I'd take it back and get a good one!!

Barb said...

Nope. If I don't like a book, I don't waste my time no matter how many people recommended it. So you're not the only one on the planet who does it. :-)

Stephanie said...

Oh man, I am totally LOVING the book! Give it a little more time, that way you can discuss it on my book blog in November.

booklogged said...

I loved Ch. 1, but then I started hating it. I did keep reading because everyone was raving so about it. It started to turn around at p. 172. I wouldn't have stayed with it either if it weren't for the positive reviews I'd heard. I ended up liking the last half.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Always glad to meet another domestic goddess!

I have kind of contradictory advice here ---

I never, ever finish a book that I don't like. The world is full of so many great books, I hate to waste that time when I could be reading something I love instead.

HOWEVER -- I have an online book club and that was our book for the month! EVERYONE LOVED IT! lol It sparked some of the best discussion over a book that we've had in our two-year history! And the end is not predictable at all -- there are one or two things that you'd definitely never guess!

But even so -- if it's not for you, it's not for you!! Pick up something you love!


Lady Laurie said...

Actually I never heard of the book, so I looked it up on looks like a good read, I love mysteries and ghost stories, so now I am curious!
As for you finishing it, if you can't get into it, ditch it. I have so many books that looked soooo good but couldn't get beyond a few chapters, no guilt here!

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