Friday, October 13, 2006


To everyone who asked, yes my previous post was supposed to be funny, so no one offended me. With 7 kids I think I have developed a pretty good sence of humor.

Pamela made a good point asking how Darrian got away from his teacher long enough to hide. I was actually in the classroom at this point and the kids were eating breakfast. Darrian was in the bathroom, it's a pretty big room, but not that big. Well he never came out. He was only lost for about 3 minutes. For some reason we just didn't think he was in the closet in that room because it locks with a hook type lock and the lock is about 5 ft. high. We figured out he climbed onto the sink and unlocked it. I'll tell you the kid is good. He can scale our 6 ft. wooden fence in the back yard in 10 seconds. I might have forgot to tell you all he climbs well too. We refer to him as spiderbaby. He used to open out child proof locks in the other house and climb out the window. Most nights we put him in our bed because we are aftraid he will try to escape. It's hysterical to watch as my friends will say he can't climb that, and what does he do? Climb it. We were once at the Hale Koa pool here in Hawaii while my parents were here and they have the kiddie pool with a lock that you have to pull up and push at the same time. At this point he was only two. The lifeguard was pretty amazed when he walked up to it, fooled around with the lock for all of 60 seconds, and let himself out. He is a little nut. You actually have to see him in action to believe him. I never get him a baby sitter, I don't want to inflict him on anyone. As lovable as he is, he has a nind of his own.

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Blueberry muffins and tea

Made some blueberry muffins and had some with tea on Rae Dunn pottery of course