Friday, October 13, 2006

How cool is blogging?

I was thinking today about all the things I used to hear about meeting people on the Internet. Things like, you can't get to really know anyone online, or you can't make friends online, or you can't really care about people you've never met. I have found this to be so not true. One of the things I like so much about blogging is finding new friends. I never expected to meet so many great people, or to really care about so many of you and your families, but I do. It's kind of like getting a present that you open and then later find out that their was a little extra surprise you didn't even see when you first opened it. I find myself praying and caring for other people and their families often. I will say to myself, yes I am one of those who talks to myself, things like, I have to remember to pray for Cameron and his first day of day care without grandma, I wonder how Sandra's MIL is doing, is Jen having a great time in Tennessee, I must keep praying that Emily's hives don't return, etc. You all know who I am talking about and also all of you others out there who I did not yet mention, I will eventually. I just didn't want to wear your eyes all out with one post, there are so many blogs to visit in one day. Anyway does anyone else have these feelings about blogging? I'd love to hear your opinions.


Barb said...

Welcome to blogging, Christina. Welcome to all the love. :-)

How's your arm?

Sandra said...

Oh Chris I'm just like you, I consider all the blogging friends I made, real friends.

It's amazing isn't it, I'm just so blessed to have come to know such wonderful women like you :)

Thanks for keeping my MIL in your prayers :)


Looney Mom said...

I totally know what you're talking about. It's so amazing how we can all connect over something like the internet. Another extended family.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

I actually met Gunther over the internet so I'm in the unique position that the most important relationship in my life started online. My two best friends I met at For me blogging is like picking up a magic phone that connects you to friends everywhere.. and now and then to someone you never expected to reach but are so glad you called :)



Pamela said...

It is amazing how close I have gotten to so many bloggers in such a short time. It is hard for any of my real friends or family to understand. lol

Linda said...

I absolutely agree. I began blogging just because I thought the Lord was opening a door for me to do a little writing again. I never dreamed I would meet so many terrific women. Like you, I find myself thinking about and praying for the ones I've come to know and care so much about. I believe it is our common bond in Christ that makes this so special for us.

Lady Laurie said...

My blogging friends are my friends! I have met the most wonderful women through the internet whom I feel are my kindred spirits.

mom of 2 said...

Christina you are so sweet! I have found myself caring about so many people I've met thru blogging and that was very unexpected, but it has been so amazing!!

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