Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"The Haircut"

This is my husband giving the boys their monthly haircuts. Basically he only knows one style, you know the one they give you in basic training when you join the military. He also likes to fool around and cut the kids hair in silly styles before the actual finished product. It's no wonder that my 13 year old son now makes me take him to the barber shop for his cut. He says he knows his dad does a good job, but he has had the same hair style since he was 4 and he really wanted something different. The other night before his JROTC thing I forgot to take him for his cut so he was stuck with dad's. Thank God Brandon is easy going and didn't really mind. It was kind of funny when I got there because I realized none of the other kids had the military cut. The new cut is a little longer with bangs. Now I see why we've moved on to the barber.

Just a little note to let you all know my husband will be deploying for a year in Iraq toward the end of November. I know we will miss him and the kids are not too happy, but they know he has to go. Please keep him in your prayers.


Jen said...

Bless your heart...IRAQ.......
I will keep you ALL in my prayers...

Sandra said...

Oh Chris, I'm so sorry he has to go to Iraq....I'll be keeping you all in my prayers and will be here to help you get through it, in whatever way I can.

Hang in there.

Huge hugs,

Susanne said...

Christina: Will keep your family in my prayers. My heart feels for you all. But I say Thank you, thank you for your sacrifice of being apart so that America may enjoy it's freedom's. I'm Canadian but it affects us too!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

They are too adorable!!!

So sorry to hear your Hubby has to go for awhile :( Hugs and prayers coming your way!



mom of 2 said...

I love those haircuts!!

My prayers and thoughts will be with you and your hubby as he is deployed!!

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