Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sandra's food blog

I have to say for those of you who like to cook, you must check out Sandra's food blog full bellies, happy kids. I have made several of her recipes and they are definitely to die for. The first thing I ever made was her rice pudding. If you like rice pudding this is one awesome recipe. Last week I made her fried chicken. My hubby said it was the best fried chicken I ever made and I have to agree. Last night, pizza night, I made her pizza dough. Oh my goodness was this easy and delicious. I also used her idea for the sauce. Once again my hubby would like to thank Sandra. He had at least 5 slices over the evening. The kids liked it and so did I. I will be making it on pizza night every week. Go over and check out the recipes and her beautiful pictures of every one's favorite I say more. Thanks again Sandra.


Sandra said...

Awww thank you Christina :)

I'm so glad that you've enjoyed my recipes, I just love cooking so it's always fun for me to try new things and share them with you all, AND is there anything better than looking at a picture and drooling? LOL

Wasn't that pizza dough just the best??? I had 3 slices, I feel awful but it was worth it LOL

Glad you and the family enjoy it :)
Huge hugs,

Pamela said...

Christina, I totally agree! She is so talented and I love her recipes! The one we liked was her Sheppards Pie. She's got the "look" too...very cute! Now, I've got to try the pizza dough. lol

Susanne said...

Hi Christina:

I've tried several times to reply to your comment on my laptop asking what kind it was. If you'd still like that info can you email me from my site and I'll get you the info back through your email address. For some reason it wouldn't do the reply to your comment.

Ya that Sandra has a knack with food. We made her smokey crockpot ribs and it was to die for!

Linda said...

Thanks so much for the tip. As everyone probably has figured out by now, I am not the world's greatest cook and am desperately in need of some new recipes. I'll hop on over there!!

janice said...

thanks for the tip. i love Sandra, but i haven't tried out her food blog. i will have to!! thanks:)

and thanks for your advice about my son - i totally agree!

Anonymous said...

I love her food blog too!

Here is the link to the silky makeup:

Thanks for pointing that out! I edited my post and added it in :)


booklogged said...

I've been to Sandra's site, but haven't tried any recipes yet. I've become a bit lazy about cooking since most of my family has moved on.

Barb said...

I've been a fan of Sandra's food blog for ages. I've made a lot of her recipes. They're always good.

Just today I made her gingersnap cookies, a recipe she posted just a couple of days ago. I told my husband he has to eat all his dinner before he can have any of them. :-)

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

OK I'm definitely going to check that out.. pizza dough? AWESOME!



Lady Laurie said...

Love homemade pizza, I miss my oven!

Jen said...

I love her food blog too...she has great recipes...maybe she should put them together in a binder...I probably need to do that...

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