Saturday, August 05, 2006


Ok. Last night was supposed to be pizza night, it wasn't. This is the deep dish from last week. It was awesome. Last night we had so much to do, and the kids had so much going on, that I didn't cook, so we ate sandwiches. Usually I make 2 or 3 pizza's. I think I've got it perfected. Sometimes, after my daughter's youth group on Friday night, she will have friends over and they will consume some homemade pizza. They like this. It is good, cheap, fun. As you will notice the above is deep dish. My husband is from Chicago, so of course the wife needed to learn to make deep dish. I usually make the kids regular New York style, but my husband sometimes likes this kind. Next week, back to pizza night. Posted by Picasa

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Blueberry muffins and tea

Made some blueberry muffins and had some with tea on Rae Dunn pottery of course