Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The look

I should say many looks. Today I am writing about some of the looks teenagers can give you and their meanings. I'm sure some of you have experienced these, or have even used one of them yourselves. Here are my examples: Last night my son comes running out of his room and says "mom!" "you know that wrestler John Seena?" "yah" I say even though I don't know who he's talking about. "Well he lifted another wrestler weighing at least 500 lbs." I answer back "Well I just read in my magazine that Jack Lalane is 91 and can bench press a small car." My son looks at me like what the heck are you talking about and who the Heck is Jack Lalane. It is a look where his mouth is kind of open and he is sort of raising his eyebrows. That's the look that basically says what has that got to do with what I'm talking about and anyway who the heck cares. A few minutes later he actually responds with "really?" Of course really, what does he think I made this all up. Another experience I had was yesterday morning with my daughter. She was in the bathroom getting her makeup on and we were talking about her brother joining JROTC and I said "remember when Kira (her 22 year old sister) was in JROTC in Germany and went to JROTC camp and jumped out of that helicopter with her uniform on? I can't even jump off my coffee table." This last part supposedly was a joke. Of course my daughter didn't think it was all that funny and looked at me like that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. This look has raised eye brows and her mouth pursed kind of like she wants to say "duh." That is the look that lets every parent know how stupid they actually are or at least it says "are you sure we share the same DNA?". I'm sure many of you know which one's I'm talking about and can probably add some of your own. I'm sure that all of us can think of times as teenagers we may have even resorted to using one of these looks. How may looks have all you seen?


Anonymous said...

Mom said..... I saw lots of those looks and now that you have teenagers again you know the meaning of "What goes around comes around. I'm guessing now you think I'm one of the smartest people you know.

mom of 2 said...

So true! My daughter is only 8 and I'm already getting looks. My mom loves it...she's been waiting for the day that I get what's coming to me!!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh gosh.. you should see the gawdawful nasty pouts I get from my 2 year old first thing in the morning.. she does NOT wake up nice!

TFS :)



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