Monday, August 14, 2006

You know you're pathetic when?

When you walk into your sons room in the morning and say "Thank You Lord." Thank you for what? Thank you for not letting me kill Jr's goldfish. This is a serious prayer, not just thanking the Lord in jest but seriously thanking the Lord for sparing the fish. Do you want to know why? Why, because so far I have killed one full tank of fish, two goldfish and 3 betas. Finally he has a goldfish, one we have now for at least a year, that has survived against all odds. Why would I even consider a new fish? Because while standing on line one day in the commissary the boys spotted goldfish in bowls in the flower section and thought they looked lonely. Ok I'm a sucker. Why you ask am I once again focused on the fish being I haven't killed it yet? Well two weeks ago I bought a new filter for his tank. When I put it on it seemed kind of strong for this little tank even though the box said it was good for his size tank. I'm also paranoid because one of the other fish I killed actually stuck to the part of the filter that sucks the water up and died. Obviously this happening again is not an option. Last week I went into his room and the fish was stuck to the filter thing. I ran over to the tank, unplugged the filter, and watched thankfully as three fin spike Tamayo swam away. My heart was racing as if I had just run a marathon. Thank God. This is why I am thanking God every day for saving the fish It's also because I am only running the filter about an hour a day and even for this amount of time I'm taking my chances. This fish also likes to swim upside down. I noticed this a few months after he was bought. Almost on a daily basis I go into the kids room and my heart stops. There is three fin upside down. I go over and once again Thank the Lord he is still breathing. What kind of psycho fish is this anyway. I don't know what I will actually do when the day comes that three fin does die, but for now all I can say is 'THANK YOU LORD."


Barb said...

You crack me up. That poor fish! I've had an aquarium for as long as I can remember. I finally downsized to a 27 gallon tank.

I know people think I'm nuts but my fish have personalities and I've grown quite attached to them. I have a red betta in the aquarium who almost bit the bullet, though. He's so weird, he actually lays down on the gravel. My net was about an inch away from him (he was headed for the toilet) when he shot up and swam away. Very strange fish. I though he was gasping his last!

Just so you don't think I'm completely nuts, I do have a dog. You know. A REAL pet. I have a sweet ittle shis tzu. Chelsea. As in A Chelsea Morning.

But I do like my fish. Especially that red betta! :-)

This post made me laugh. I can just picture you being afraid to go near that goldfish bowl for fear of what you'll find.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Awwww that's so sweet. I'm not a big pet person I confess.. but it would break my heart to have to break fish death to my kids too.

You're a good mommy taking care of old 3 fins!



Looney Mom said...

Hi Christina. Thanks for stopping by with kind words and encouragement. I really appreciate it. It seems that you and I have similar issues.

That is so funny. I'm not too good with fish either! And what a silly fish, swimming upside down.

Sandra said...

LOL you know I can't keep fish alive either. The ones I've kept the most are betas but those poor things still end up dying LOL

This is an example of how bad I neighbor had gone to walmart and bought those 19 c goldfish. She had it for over a year, and it grew really big and fat. Well they got orders out of here and she asked me if I wanted the fish and I said yes. They hadnt even left and the darn fish died LOL

I was so embarassed LOL

momrn2 said...

Reading this reminded me of Nemo being stuck in the filter. Too funny!!

We've had similar circumstances with fish here as well... not surviving long I mean.

I can relate...

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