Monday, August 21, 2006

More Obsession

Anyone who has read my blog in the last month knows I have an obsession with the magic eraser. When I went into Sams last week I saw this. Only $8.00 an apparantly new and improved. Like I'm not going to buy this. It's obvious you can't take me to Sams. I buy everything I can large sized. Maybe it's because I have 7 people living here, or maybe I just like big things, or maybe even getting lots of stuff for less money sounds good to me. I went home and tried the new magic sponge, which has a squiggle edge and seems to be a little more sturdy, and of course I love it. It does hold up a bit better. It still crumbles, but seems to get the job done. I wonder how long these will last me? I am going to have to make a trip to Sams today because the creamer I bought on August 14, all 64 ounces, is gone. It only took me 7 days but it's officially drained. I guess I will just have to buy more magic sponges. Thank You again Mr. Clean. Posted by Picasa


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

I always start freaking when I run out of these and dual action spray and wash... what did we do before them???

Barb said...

Our daughters are grown and out on their own now, so it's just me and Rob. But we shop at Sam's too. I stock up on everything there. Rob had to build me extra storage shelves because as you know, everything comes in "big" at Sam's. Have an extra refrigerator in the garage too.

Dominic sounds funny. I think I'd hide the food! It's great that you accept him just the way he is, quirks and all. And I have a staple gun you can borrow. :-)

Annie said...

They are the best...I always need them on hand. I started knowing their value when my daughter was 2 and got a hold of a Sharpie...magic eraser cleaned my walls very well!!

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