Monday, August 28, 2006

Manic Monday

Todays Manic Monday is on my 14 year old son Brandon. Here he is in his Navy JROTC shirt and cap. Who knows where his pants are. I am posting on Mondays something strange, weird, silly or just plain manic about someone or something or whatever.
1. Brandon likes to wear socks that are too small for him. He lets his heel hang out of the back. I buy Brandon his size socks, but he trades them for his 8 year old brothers. Why does he do this? Who the heck knows. I am assuming its a sensory issue.
2. Brandon talks to the tv. Especially video games and wrestling. I shouldn't find this all that odd since my mom talks to herself, and I talk to myself, but Brandon talks to the tv. He thinks this isn't talking to himself. I think it is.
3. Brandon is short. My grandpa was short, in fact his brothers called him shorty. I don't think being short in itself is odd, but when you have a brother who is 6ft 4in. and a sister who at 16 is 5ft 10in and little brothers who are quickly catching up to you, this seems a little odd. I always tell Brandon that good things come in small packages.
Brandon will get a kick out of these things. One thing about Brandon is he is a good sport. Posted by Picasa


mom of 2 said...

We all have our little quirks...and hey being short isn't all bad!! :)

Anonymous said...

Mom said... What a good looking Grandson. He always was a cutie.He looks great in his uniform.

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