Friday, August 18, 2006


Last night Kira made dinner. She made some quesadillas with homemade salsa. After she whipped up the salsas she asked me to taste it. It was green salsa and smelled heavily of jalapenos. I like jalapenos and love hot stuff, but if something has a heavy taste of any kind of pepper I don't like it. I tasted it and ran right away to the sink and spit it out. I said "Sorry Kira, but I can't eat anything with too many peppers in it." Kira decided she would make a red sauce, like pico di gallo so we had to go to the store. Me, Kira and my grandson Julian went to go to the store and when I put my key into my van all the juice drained right out of the battery. Luckily I had a jump start and after letting it sit for a few minutes the battery light went on. I knew I had to get it to the shop so I did. The mechanic said it is probably the alternator or alternator belt. Meanwhile when he goes to drive the van into the bay he wants to know when it started to make that sound it made when he turned it slowly to the left and was backing in. It just started to do this once in awhile so he said it sounds like the cvc or the U joint. Gee I wonder what all this will cost.
Meanwhile when I went into the house to call my husband to let him know what's up I realized my 3 year old just went poop in his pants. It seems he has some diarrhea and couldn't make it to the bathroom. I run him to the tub and then go clean up the mess on the floor. When I look up to where my daughter and her friend are making a Mexican cake called tres leches (3 milks), they inform me the blender doesn't seem to be working. While trying to call my husband, while trying to give my kid a bath, while trying to clean up the floor, and while trying to fix the blender, my daughter Kira looks up and says "that's what you get for spitting out my salsa!"


Charla said...

Hi Christina, I'm Charla! :) I found your blog by way of my great friend Courtney over at Waiting On My Soldier! My boyfriend, Steve is in Iraq with Courtney's husband, Matt! They are in the same unit! It's always great to meet new military families! It's a great support system! Take care and stop by my site any time! :)

Charla (Standing By My Man)

Jen said...

That was should have ate the salsa....less drama.
thanks for keeping up with me I'm trying to do my reading this morning....i'm glad your have a good time with your daughter and grandson. I have carmel vanilla creamer this morning.....and loving it.

Big Mama said...

That's pretty harsh punishment for spitting out salsa!

Anonymous said...

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