Monday, August 14, 2006

Snakes and snails

This morning my son Brandon, who is 14, asks me if I can give him $5.00 for a new school ID card. It's been two weeks and already he lost his school ID. Last week he had lost his military ID. I'm scared to ask if he has his bus pass. This is the kid who has been on the honor roll since 6th grade. This is the kid who the teachers say never forgets his homework. This is the kid who brings home his permission slips to be signed on the first day they are passed out and bagger's me all day to make sure I sign it so he can get it in on time. What I want to know is why can't he remember where he puts his ID cards? In the cosmic scheme of things does this make sense. My husband is the same way. He can remember military routes out in the field, and recite word for word most stuff in a military manuel yet he once forgot his beret for work. He has been wearing some sort of cap for 12 years. How do you forget this? It's like forgetting you have a head. I guess it's just boys.

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Blueberry muffins and tea

Made some blueberry muffins and had some with tea on Rae Dunn pottery of course