Saturday, August 05, 2006

picture-of I'm not sure what

This is my 3 year old Darrian. He dressed himself today. He has on a Detroit Lions jersey, even though I am a diehard Cowboys fan, yellow shorts that I think belong to his brother, sneakers that I know belong to his other brother, and he is on the way to God knows where with his new scooter and his bucket. I'm not exactly sure what was on his mind today, but it looks like he knows. I'm thinking maybe he is modeling the new fall line for some new and unusual kiddie designer. I don't know what this new line will be called, maybe boy on scooter, all mixed up, with no place to go. Posted by Picasa


mom of 2 said...

That's really cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mom,
This is a cute picture. I can't wait till Julian starts doing weird stuff like this. I think it really shows their new found personalities. I LOve you and we can't wait till next week to visit.
Love Kira and JuJu And Cesar and Baby

Sandra said...

LOL that is do the funniest things :)

Anonymous said...

Mom said: I think he takes after his Mom. I remember on Saturday mornings you would walk down the street to your friends house. You would wear a long skirt and everbit of jewelry you owned and oh my you had a lot. Neighbors used to call you the queen.

Blueberry muffins and tea

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