Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Teenagers-go figure

I must be on a teenager kick today, God only knows why. I was looking at another post on this gals blog about food allergies. I had commented to her on how interesting it is that foods can cause sensitivities and allergies. Then I was thinking how we found out my son had a food issue. One day about a year ago my daughter Vanessa said to her brother "Brandon did you have cheetos today?" I asked her why she was asking him this and she said "because every time he has cheetos he starts the blinking thing." I was blown away because I never noticed this. So we started experimenting with him and found out he does almost exclusively start ticking when he has things with orange dye in it. Getting back to the teenage issue, Brandon has had tics since he was 4 years old and I took him to the doctors in Germany and asked him why does he keep blinking and clearing his throat. Now that he is 14 I kind of know why he tics but my daughter said she realized this a long time ago. Gee thanks for mentioning it. It's funny not only how perceptive teenagers can be, but how they don't necessarily find their perceptions to be all that important. I really could of used this information 10 years ago, but what the heck, now is better than never!


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Yikes does that go for KD too? Guess you'll have to buy the White Cheddar kind? I can't imagine life without KD.. that would just suck especially if you're a teenager.. and Smart Food is white cheddar powder too..

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P.S. if those cats aren't your whose are they?

Michael Butler said...


My e-mail was stolen so here is my new address. mpb_1967@yahoo.com
let me know you got this


Blueberry muffins and tea

Made some blueberry muffins and had some with tea on Rae Dunn pottery of course