Friday, July 28, 2006

Jackpot or rather coffeepot

I'll tell you the Lord really does work in mysterious ways. Just the other day I was writing about how much coffee I will probably consume in the morning while on my 10,000 hour round trip taking the kids to school. God must have been listening because the above picture is my accidentally acquired stash of coffee. The three on the left are my beloved Gevalia traditional roast that I buy every month. Of course 2 weeks ago there were 5, but now I'm down to 3. The middle 4 bags are my 4 free samples of Boca Java that I only paid shipping for. Here in Hawaii $11.00 shipping might as well be free. The 5 coffees on the end are my unexpected friends. I opened my regular shipment of Gevalia and nearly had a heart attack. The boxes said Cafe Sperl. Cafe Sperl? When did I order Cafe Sperl? I open the bill which is always paid directly from the bank (so that there can never be any mishaps in coffee delivery) and sure enough the bill says Traditional Roast. Frantically I dial the 800 number for Gevalia. The lady on the other end checked my account, verified that it should of been Traditional Roast, and told me that she is sending out the regular shipment immediately at no charge. I asked her what do I do with the Cafe Sperl and she says "keep it on us and enjoy." Can you believe this? Keep it on us and enjoy!!!! You gotta love Gevalia. In 10 years they have never sent me the wrong stuff, but the one time they do, they fix it right away and even let me keep my gift. How awesome is that? Now I know why I pay $37.50 a month for Gevalia. Now if only someone would send me an unexpected shipment of Nestle Coffee Mate french vanilla creamer. Posted by Picasa


janice said...

good customer service is so critical. it really is worth so much more than the little it costs the company. so glad to hear that company knows how to treat their customers.

you are so lucky you like coffee. i hate it, but i also hate mornings. one day i wonder if i will be able to stomach coffee just to make mornings more bearable. right now i need orange juice - and lots of it - to get going.

girl - you crack me up btw!!! I LOVE your four comments on my post today - priceless. I loved it!! totally made me smile - which is amzing that those muscles are still wroking. i am sooooo tired. I can barely move. must stop typing soon....i stayed up till 4:30 getting those two posts done and then visiting "tour homes" last night. and then to add to my agony I went to the mall tonight with my son - what was I thinking?!?! malls tire me out when i have slept, let alone when i am this exhausted. anyhoo, I am soooooo behind on blog visiting. i want to do the whole linky list but I have only done 60 so far. but i had to come by and say - you rock - before i hit the bed. it is almost midnight and i don't know why I am still up. i really need a 12 step program to help me with my late night blogging addiction. cause I really hate myself in the mornings. lol

talk soon


mom of 2 said...

That's awesome...I love coffee!!!

Jen said...

or cocunut creamer by nestle...bought some at walmart the other day and though tof you

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