Friday, July 21, 2006


My two boys, Jr. 8 years old, and Damian 7 years old have decided to write their Christmas list already. They claim they want to get it in early in case Santa needs time to think about it. I know for a fact they don't still believe in Santa, but they figure he probably has more money than me, so they will keep on pretending. Here is what they have decided they want:
Jr. writes: Thank you for the foosball tabil. I want PSP, skate board, yu-gy-oh 3 blue eyes pack and elementals (whatever the heck that is), white robot Dinosaur, and I think that is it. The other one writes Thank you for geting us foosball tabil, I want gamboy evans, white robot man, spiy kids 3d with 4 glasses, yu-gi-oh, Woderball. Gofing kit, toy parit that copes you (I think this is toy parrot that copies you). I wonder if any other kids have decided to write their lists in July. My older son Brandon who is always the bearer of bad news, says "Santa is not going to buy you both a PSP, do you know how much that costs?" Like he's paying for it. My daughter Vanessa who is 16, just looks at them like they have two heads, shrugs her shoulders, and walks away. Her usual response to the two boys who follow her around all day mimicking her. I guess at least they are giving me enough time to put all this on lay a way, just in case "Santa" sees fit to actually buy any of this stuff.


janice said...

good grief - Christmas already - it is too hot to even discuss it!! but your boys do make me laugh. I ahve to admit I don't know what most of that sutff is. My son is four so I guess I will be learning soon.

mom of 2 said...

My kids think that if it is expensive that they will just do us a favor and ask Santa for it. I have to remind them that even Santa has a budget!

Melissa said...

You are friggin' hilarious. I'm in my computer chair just rolling!!! Go Chris!!!

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