Monday, July 17, 2006

sand, sand, and more sand

Here is the picture of a pool we filled with sand. I must be crazy to do it since I swore I would never have another sand box, but so far have had 3 here in Hawaii. My first experience was when we got here. I bought a giant pool and when the kids got sick of this filled it with sand. It seemed every kid in the neighborhood wanted to play in the giant box filled with sand. No problem except sand is very messy. The kids had it everywhere and every night I had to shovel pile's of it off the patio. After about 4 months I emptied it and said never again. Well we moved two streets over and Darrian turned two. I decided to get this little plastic pool and put some sand in it. My husband said "are you crazy, I thought we were done with sand all over?' Of course I told him it would just be a little sand so how bad could that be? I put the box out and for 3 days it was great, and then the little monster started transferring sand all over the place, even bringing it in the house by cupful. I soon tired of this and got rid of the sand once again. What does the kid do? He starts digging in the dirt where the sand used to be and now that's all over. So what do I do? Buy a water table. Technically I can blame this one on my mom and dad because they sent the money to buy it for his birthday, but I was the one who went to Kmart to pick it up. What do you all think happened next? He started transferring the dirt to the water table and now we have mud! So what does dummy (me) do? I go out and buy another bunch of sand. I figure if he is going to put stuff everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. then sand is probably the least of 3 evils (dirt, sand or mud). Anyone want to guess on what will happen next? It shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Of course once I am really sick of this I will get rid of the sand and promise to never again have a sandbox. I do have one other hope though. It is that when he starts Head Start on July 27th they will teach him how to actually play in the sand and water table without mixing it all up. I'm sure he will play nice there and then come home and make his usual mess here. I guess it's just something I will have to live with. You would think that would be the end of it, but my daughter is supposed to bring my grandson Julian here, who is 1 1/2, and I am sure my 3 year old will be glad to show him what to do with sand. Posted by Picasa


mom of 2 said...

We used to have a sand box, too. We also have a pool. The kids would get out of the pool and head straight for the sandbox, of course the sand stuck to them. Then they'd jump back in the pool bringing all of the sand with them. We had sand all in the pool. Finally we ditched the sandbox, too.

Anonymous said...

Mom said: Don't blame me. I just sent the money for his birthday.
It was your suggestion and all I did was say okay. So whose the
coo coo one. Mom or the daughter?

janice said...

I know the sand drives me crazy too. Now I am done with them here but I am sure if I have another two year old I will give in and do it again. A necessary evil I suppose. My sister just got one for my niece now.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. It is so nice to meet you. :)

Anonymous said...

Mom, Julian prefers to be sweeping so I am sure Darrion can make the mess for Julian to sweep up. I can't ensure you he'll do a great job but there will probably be alot of fun involved.
Love you Kira

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