Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wonder Pets

A while back my sister blogged about kids tv, check her out at Forks and Chopsticks. She did mention The Wonder Pets, but I don't think she likes them. I do know that my grandson Julian, who is 1 1/2 , just loves them. I think all of his little friends do to. I guess in this new generation of kids, Wonder Pets is like teletubbies, Damian's favorite (he is now 7), and Barney was Dominic Jr.'s favorite (he is now 8), and Brandon's favorite was Power Rangers (he is now 14), and Vanessa's favorite was Smurf's (she is now 16), and Josh's favorite was Heman (he is now 20), and Kira's favorite was Strawberry Shortcake (she is now 22), well you all get the hint. Different strokes for different folks. What are some of your favorites from the past?

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Melissa said...

Oh, WonderPets is sooo great! My girls LOVE it! It's one of the few shows they like that I will also watch. It's a hamster named "Lenny" and turtle named "Tuck" and a baby chick named "Ming Ming", and they rescue animals who are in trouble. The whole show is set to "opera-style" music, and almost all the dialogue is sung in recitative-style (I studied opera in college, so I get a kick out of it) It has really cute humor that adults can enjoy but kids still think is funny. It comes on Nickelodeon here...

Blueberry muffins and tea

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